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2016 年 12 月份 WETA 研討會(日期更動)


2016 年 12 月份 WETA 研討會(日期更動)


國立臺灣大學計量理論與應用研究中心 (CRETA)、國立臺灣大學財務金融學系及臺灣經濟計量學會 (TES) 將共同舉辦 12 月份WETA @TES。原訂12/30舉行,因故順延一星期。新修正之12 月份 WETA 研討會相關資訊如下。


2016 12 月份 WETA 研討會】【日期更動】

日期:2017 年 1 月 6 日 (週五) 下午2:00~5:00

地點:國立臺灣大學管理學院二號館三樓 304 教室


演講主題:Review of Treatment Effect Models and some New Results



Many empirical studies in economics and other social sciences are interested in the causal effects of programs or policies. The main problem studied in this literature is to evaluate the effect of the exposure of a set of units to a program, or treatment, on some outcome. In economic studies, usually the units are individuals, households, markets, firms, counties, states, or countries and the treatments can be job training program, educational programs, vouchers, laws and government policies. For example, we are interested in the effect of a job training program on individual’s income, hourly wage or employment status. For another example, we are also interested in the effect of attending colleges on individual’s future income. 

In the last two decades, much research has been done on the econometric and statistical analysis of such causal effects. This course is served as a review on recent development with a focus on the Rubin Causal Model. We review various treatment effects under the assumption that the treatment assignment is unconfounded which is also known as selection-on-observables and conditional independence. Then we extend the results to cases where the treatment assignment is endogenous, but a valid binary instrument is available for the treatment assignment. We also discuss several tests for the unconfoundedness assumption. Last, we summarize some of my research in this area.



1.Estimation and Inference under unconfoundedness.

2.Estimation and Inference when the treatment assignment is endogenous.

3.Tests for unconfoundedness assumption.

4.Summary on Yu-Chin Hsu’s research.




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